Desktop / Laptops / Devices

In today's busy schedules and deadlines, having to wait for your computer to respond is non-productive. With some simple hardware upgrades or current system optimizations, We can put life back into your existing systems.

Having a fast computer is only part of the equation. We can help by making sure your computers and devices are secured and maintained. Anti-Virus, patching, updates and some simple hardware maintenance will help keep your systems running and secure.

There is always a potential for your computers and devices to be compromised. We will work with you to get this resolved and assist in preventing it the next time. We can review your hardware, software and procedures to help keep these kinds of threats to a minimum.

Servers and Appliances

If your company is running servers, physical or virtual, your IT environment is much more complex. Having the right IT people to manage this is key.  Microsoft Hyper-V and VMWare are the two major virtual host applications used today.  We have experience in both of these platforms to better support the environment you have.

SAN and NAS devices are networked attached disk storage that gives you data redundancy in your environment. Having this kind of hardware gives your company multiple levels of recovery for your data and applications. This level of sophistication in your environment needs to be handled properly to receive the benefits of these types of devices.

We can make these systems work together so your company gets the maximum benefit the systems have to offer.





Backups / Firewalls / Networking

Your desktop, laptop and devices are all self contained computers that will run on their own. But in today's world of business, connecting these devices in a secure way is how businesses of today succeed. This can be local, remote or even the cloud.

With having to manage websites, email, public and private names, remote access and all the other facets of your company can be confusing.  We will take the time to help you understand how these tie together and the importance of it. Most importantly, we will help you navigate through this maze called online business.

No matter how good the technology, software or networking used, if it  doesn't contribute to the bottom line, it becomes a liability to your company. Our team is here to help you realize the potential asset of your company's IT infrastructure.

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